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Acoustic Energy 305 Floorstanding Speakers Review

An Overview

Without any reservations, the opportunity to provide a thorough Acoustic Energy 305 Floorstanding Speakers review of these speakers is something I relish. Making significant waves in the audio equipment market with an attractive price of £599 (which is a steal), it irrefutably is impressive. Even at a price tag of £999, these speakers boldly affirm their value, proving their worth with a performance that could be best described as top-notch. Boasting a befitting black gloss finish, these speakers are visually appealing ensuring they capture your attention even before you hear their exceptional sound performance.

Sonic Performance

Their sonic output is nothing short of wonderful. While listening to various genres of music, it’s inescapable to conclude that the manufacturer painstakingly paid attention to important audio factors. The stereo positioning is remarkable, directly contributing to the clear distinction and accuracy of voices and musical instruments. Despite replacing my beloved 12-year-old AE series 1’s, I found an upgrade in these new speakers on many levels.

Speaker Placement

Interestingly, even with an unconventional setup—where the speakers were placed on either side of a large 3-seat sofa, and not directly in front of me—it surprisingly worked. With such an arrangement, I sat 8 feet from the left speaker while the right speaker was a relatively longer 15 feet away diagonally. One would expect to get an overall sound in the room; however, it was rather a pleasant surprise to distinctly ascertain different sonic activities from both speakers.

Experience with Sound Quality

The next part of this Acoustic Energy 305 Floorstanding Speakers review will deal with how these speakers perform and what their sound quality is like. I tested these speakers with different types of music including rock, classical, and mixed instruments, using tracks from Genesis, Quo, and a mixed Sky album, and I can attest that the output was rather impressive.

Despite a notably unusual setup in my living room, with the speakers placed on either side of a large 3-seater sofa and not directly in front of me, the sound quality was exceptional. Even from an off-center position, I could discern different sounds coming from the right and left speakers, giving me a dynamic and compelling listening experience.

Going from a simple tweeter and bass, Acoustic Energy 305 Floorstanding Speakers provide strong sound without overwhelming bass. It’s distinct without being boom-like, which is quite a rare quality to find in speakers in this price range. I must say, the stereo placing these speakers offer is A1, and the sounds of voices and instruments are perfectly rendered. They blend flawlessly while maintaining their character.

Acoustic Energy 305 Review

Use with Other Equipment

Acoustic Energy 305 Floorstanding Speakers work well with my Pro Ject CD player and amp. Still, it’s important to mention here that the amp I use is a more expensive model, so that may factor into the sound quality. Also, a point to note for potential buyers is the significance of good cable selection. I recommend investing in the most expensive cable you can afford, as it does seem to make a discernible difference to the sound quality.

Safe Unpacking Tips

Beyond just complimenting the sound output, it’s also important to provide some useful advice on the unpacking of these speakers to prevent damage. Avoid the temptation of pulling the speaker directly as you might put your hand through a cone. Instead, lay the box horizontally, cut the cellotape to determine its top, then stand the box vertically. Afterward, grip the bottom foam and gently shuffle the speaker out.

Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money.
  • Top-notch sound performance.
  • Distinct bass and tweeter output.
  • Attractive design with a black gloss finish.


  • Unconventional speaker placement may affect sound output.
  • Requires an expensive amplifier for maximum audio quality.

Final Verdict

From my experience, these speakers deliver impressive performances both in their sonic output and visual appeal. With an affordable price that doesn’t compromise the quality, they’re a worthwhile investment for audio lovers. However, bear in mind that speaker placement and the use of an appropriate amplifier may significantly influence the resultant sound.

Bass Response
The 305's bass response is significantly praised. It's noted to be solid and noticeable without going overboard and becoming boomy.
Treble Detail
The Acoustic Energy 305 has a capable performance when it comes to the detail in the highs, offering a great stereo performance that gives distinct sounds from either speaker.
Midrange Clarity
The 305 shines particularly well in terms of midrange clarity. The reproduction of voices and instruments is noted to be tight and precise, creating a delightful listening experience.
The Acoustic Energy 305 boasts an attractive black gloss finish and a pleasant form that users found to be stylish and modern.
Sound Quality
In general, the sound quality of the Acoustic Energy 305 is highly praised. It's defined as 'wonderful' by users and noted to be a significant upgrade from older models.
Value for Money
The Acoustic Energy 305 offers incredible value for its price. It's described as a 'steal' at its current price point and even at a higher cost, it's still considered top-notch.
Total Score
Rating Summary
We gotta say, with the Acoustic Energy 305, you've got a winner on your hands. Value for money? It's there in droves. Despite an affordable price tag, this speaker performs at a level that would be expected from a higher end setup. The sound quality is sublime; from solid bass, a clear midrange to detailed trebles, this speaker delivers on all fronts. It's particularly unique stereo placing and clarity makes music come to life, with distinct qualities that allow you to hear every element of your favorite tunes. From first unboxing (and hey, we even got tips on that) to the daily enjoyment, the well-finished gloss and sleek shape make these speakers stand out in the room. On the whole, we're pretty impressed with what the Acoustic Energy 305 brings to the table - top-notch sound at a steal, with an attractive design to boot. This is definitely a set of speakers you'll want to check out if you're after a great experience.