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About Us

Hifi Specs is a web site created to enable easy comparisons between various speakers, amplifiers and headphones. Under the simple comparison engine is a fact based site about specifications of various devices.

Our site is created, edited and maintained by experienced tech people. Goal of this site is to collect in one place as much as possible data (specifications and characteristics) about speakers, headphones, amplifiers and DACs.

Why We are Trustworthy?

As you can see on the specific product pages, most of our data was or is published in product data sheets. Beside this if there are specific measurements done for the given device we include those too.

All useful references are numbered on the bottom of each article.

It is also worth to mention that you, our visitors, are usually highly skilled persons in this niche and you quickly recognize possible errors and mistakes on our site. Once you notify us, we try to rectify the wrong data as soon as possible.

Our data is manually collected and checked. We do not use bots or automatic scrapping apps. What we do, is that we are manually checking manufacturers websites, user manuals, professional reviews, specialized forums and independent test for fact checking. We even sometimes visit real offline stores in order to get certain specs not available anywhere else.