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Jamo S 805 Floorstanding Speakers Review

First Impressions

I recently started building my stereo collection, slowly growing into it while working on a budget. Naturally, when the time came to buy speakers, I was looking to upgrade from my previous Bluetooth-enabled production to something more traditional. This led me to the Jamo S 805 Floorstanding Speakers, which seemed the perfect fit for look, size, and price. They arrived elegantly understated with a dark-colored casing that perfectly matched my home decor.

Performance Test

Upon setting up, I connected them to my Denon amp and ran a conventional sound test. I experimented with different tracks ranging from “Hey Nineteen”, “YYZ”, “Once in A Lifetime” live, “Madonna Music” and “Roundabout”. The performance output was impressive.

The sound quality was better than I expected at this price point, especially in the 65 to 74 decibels range, which seems to be the optimum range for these speakers. They delivered a vibrant and immersive sound, completely justifying the stellar reviews I had encountered during my initial research.

Sound Quality

Given their output, these Jamo S 805 Floorstanding Speakers are relatively small and almost subtly deceptive. When connected to an adequate amp and DAC, the speakers transformed into a powerhouse of impeccable sound quality. They boast a frequency response ranging from 43Hz to 26Khz, and while this might not seem capable of delivering a full-range sound at first, these speakers certainly do.

The bass roll-offs were smooth and full, meaning the speakers sounded significantly more significant than they appeared. The highs, while bright and slightly exaggerated, did not cause fatigue. However, the only niggle I encountered was with the midrange, which seemed a tad bit muted compared to the rest of the sound.

Special Features

What I found highly appealing about these speakers is their level of revealing sound. Depending on the sound source, the speakers adapt, improving the sound quality. Another unique observation was that attaching vibration pads to the base resulted in better highs, adding a new dimension to my listening experience. I also liked that the grilles added an aesthetic touch that reminded me of “the good old days.”

Jamo S 805


  • Inconsistent performance: There is a notable difference in sound output quality when the volume is cranked over a particular level. Also, there might be instances of the woofers bottoming out if the bass is not adjusted correctly.
  • Need for additional equipment: The speakers deliver splendidly for their size but may need the support of a subwoofer or a more powerful preamp to enhance the overall sound experience.
  • Lack of clarity in mids: The midrange is somewhat muffled and does not match up to the quality of the highs and lows.
  • Quality control issues: There are occasional delivery mishaps with damaged speaker cabinets. Although these incidents are rare, better quality control would promptly eliminate such errors.
  • Comparatively lesser performant: Compared to speakers in a similar price range, like the Klipsch R-610Fs, the Jamos do not quite meet the expected standards.

Appealing Aesthetics

Apart from their impressive sound at this price point, one of the most appealing aspects of the Jamo S805 speaker is its modern, elegant design. They come with sturdy fits, adding to their overall aesthetic appeal and stability. The magnetic grills lend a chic, upscale look while the overall design fits perfectly with most decors. Additionally, they are available in wood and white finishes, catering to various preferences.

Optimal Sound Quality Requires Tuning

The Jamo S 805’s sound quality is very revealing – it becomes significantly better with more power. If you’re willing to invest in a better preamp and provide 50 watts or more per channel, your ears will thank you. If you want to enhance the sound experience further, adding vibration pads to the base improves the high notes.

Pros and Cons


  • Good value for the price
  • Sturdy yet classy design
  • It has decent bass for its size


  • Lacking in the midrange department
  • Some distortion at high volumes
  • Could use a subwoofer for added depth of sound

Overall Verdict

Despite the minor cons, the Jamo S 805 speakers are a good value for money. They pack an impressive punch for their size and are designed to fit almost any space, making them an ideal choice for beginners or those on a budget. Ratings would be five stars, considering the quality, price, and customer satisfaction derived from overall sound.

Bass Response
Bass performance varies among users. Some found the bass impressive considering the size of the speakers while others recommended using a subwoofer. One user noted the need to completely turn down the bass when used with certain stereo types.
Treble Detail
Generally, reviewers stated that Jamo S 805 had clear highs, even though a few of them experienced distortion at higher volumes. One customer noted that the speakers became more revealing when used with a quality sound source.
Midrange Clarity
The midrange clarity of Jamo S 805 received mixed reviews. Some users found them to be only average while others noted the midrange was a bit stepped back compared to the rest of the sound. However some noted considerable improvement with better source equipment.
Reviewers appreciated the design aesthetics of the Jamo S 805. They liked their subdued elegance and modernity, and they felt that the speakers would blend nicely with any decor. The speaker feet and magnetic grills were also appreciated for their sturdy construction.
Sound Quality
The majority felt that these speakers had excellent sound quality, although some adjustments might be necessary for the optimal experience. The sound quality revealed its prowess when it was paired with good quality pre-amps and DACs.
Value for Money
The Jamo S 805 offers quite a bang for the buck, especially in terms of sound quality and design. However, some users felt they had to lower their expectations to appreciate the value. Some users added extra equipment like subwoofers or vibration pads for optimal experience, raising the overall cost.
Total Score
Rating Summary
Overall, we feel that the Jamo S 805 is a solid choice for those who value good sound and pleasing aesthetics without wanting to break the bank. While they're definitely budget-friendly, their sound quality, particularly in the high end, surpasses what you might expect at this price point. The bass response is a bit of a mixed bag, with some users finding it more than acceptable given the speakers' petite size while others recommended the addition of a subwoofer to really round it out. The midrange, too, was found to be a little bit lacking for some users. What really stands out about these speakers is their sleek and modern design, which many users felt added a touch of class to their listening rooms. So, while the Jamo S 805 might not be the perfect pick for serious audiophiles, they are a good option for casual listeners who value both style and sound quality.