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Dali Oberon 3 Bookshelf Speaker Review

My recent foray into the realm of the Dali Oberon 3 speakers was inspired by a seemingly infinite string of glowing testimonials from all corners of the audio world. As a seasoned audiophile, I’ve had my fair share of speakers, including Wharfedale, Elac, and SVS. So, when I embarked on my Dali Oberon 3 review journey, I was curious to see whether the experience would live up to the precedently set hype. To cut the suspense short, they did. Yet, in the spirit of an unbiased review, I’ll walk you through the whole story.

Initial Impressions

For starters, I instantly fell in love with the white satin finish and seamless corners. These speakers carry a sense of grace that compliments almost any décor. But, of course, the true magic lies in the sound. The dynamic and balanced acoustic output, coupled with the incredible soundstage and imaging, made an impressive introduction.

Performance & Experience

A significant part of my Dali Oberon 3 review relates to their performance. They flaunted a strong presence in the room, sounding lively and substantial, especially compared to other speakers in their price bracket. Notably, the large 7-inch bass driver added depth to their sound — quite a standout feature compared to many different models boasting 6.5-inch drivers at best.

The Oberon 3 speakers took me on an immersive auditory journey, whether I settled for a late-night low-volume session or cranked up the decibel level for a vibrant music evening with friends. The high-end audio quality exceeded my initial expectations. Plus, even at lower volumes, the sensitivity and articulation were exceptional, a charm many speakers fail to deliver.

I invested a considerable 20-30 hours on the break-in for an authentic review. Things started blooming from there. The crisp detailing did not compromise the smoothness, while the slightly forward positioning avoided any hint of shrillness. The tweeter and driver maintained an impressive balance, providing a smooth, cohesive audio delivery. And here’s the best part — I couldn’t get enough of the Dali Oberon 3; even after hours of listening, I never tired of their sound.

The Ease of Setup and Positioning

Over the years, I have realized that the speakers’ positioning can drastically influence their sound output, and the Dali Oberon 3 has proven to be pretty uncomplicated in this respect. Unlike my previous Klipsch RP-600Ms, the Oberon 3’s are more accommodating of my smaller listening room and are designed to face forward in setup – making their positioning a breeze. Listening to music has never been so captivating; an immersive feel transcends the room’s limitations.

A Few Hiccups

While the Dali Oberon 3 is close to perfect, I did encounter a few mild issues worth mentioning. First off, they could be a bit sharp with bad recordings, which could be a downside if you listen to a lot of vintage tracks. Another thing I noticed was that the high-end felt a bit rolled off, requiring a bit of care in setting the EQ and placement for the best soundstage. However, once set, these speakers truly shine and eclipse these minute downsides.

Dali Oberon 3 Review


Another noteworthy mention in this Dali Oberon 3 review is the ease of placement. These speakers offer high off-axis performance and are designed to be pointed straight forward, cornering them vastly more straightforwardly than their finicky counterparts. While my listening room is relatively small, the Oberon 3’s proved to be excellent room companions, filling my space with a rich and full-bodied sound.


Notwithstanding the many positive features, the Oberon 3s deserve some critique. Initial listening sessions may feel slightly dampened, more on the laid-back side. The high pitches appeared rolled off a tad too much for my tastes. I also discovered some boxy undertones, particularly at certain vocal registers. The accompanying Vokal center channel, though a remarkable addition, also exhibited these attributes and required a little care about placement and EQ settings.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality sound delivery
  • Impressive detailing
  • Large soundstage
  • 7-inch bass driver
  • Ease of placement
  • Value for money


  • Highs slightly rolled off
  • Some boxy undertones
  • EQ settings and placement considerations for best performance

The impressive sound quality and value proposition of the Dali Oberon 3 speakers make these speakers a worthwhile investment for any true audio enthusiast.


In all fairness, the Dali Oberon 3 speakers have established themselves as an audiophile’s go-to loudspeaker positioned comfortably under the $2000 mark. Its richly detailed acoustic output, impressive soundstage, excellent off-axis performance, and smooth, non-fatiguing sound make it a compelling option for both music enthusiasts and movie buffs alike.

Bass Response
The bass response is pretty satisfactory and well integrated, though you would still want a subwoofer to achieve real heft in the bottom octaves. Its large driver size does contribute positively to its overall bass performance.
Treble Detail
The high end detailing of the Dali Oberon 3 is of audiophile quality. The highs might seem a little rolled off for some, but with the right setup, it shines brightly, adding sparkle and clarity to the music. However, it could be a little sharp for unrefined recordings.
Midrange Clarity
The midrange clarity these speakers offer is simply excellent. The vocals and guitars, things that live in the midrange, are rendered with precision and exhibit a vibrant lush quality. Sometimes certain registers might come off boxy, but a good room setup can easily fix that.
Coming to the design, the look of Dali Oberon 3 is simply beautiful. Its white satin finish, seamless corners and the appeal of a vintage large bookshelf speaker with a modern touch make it a visual treat in your room.
Sound Quality
One of the highlights of the Dali Oberon 3 is its sound quality. It's got a broad soundstage, superior imaging and a lush sound that is detailed without coming off stiff. Whether you listen to it loud or keep it low, you're in for a treat.
Value for Money
The Dali Oberon 3 offers amazing value for the amount it charges. We find its performance outshines other speakers in the same price range and even competes with ones that are more expensive. That makes these speakers a fantastic investment for anyone seeking an upgrade.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The Dali Oberon 3 is a speaker set pretty hard to beat, especially considering its price. What you'll love about this is the value it provides without causing much stress on your wallet. Unlike other speakers in this range they don't just sound good, but also add a touch of elegance to your room. We couldn't get over how amazing the bass response was - it's like your own mini-concert at home. The treble edges out details with precision, and though it might sound a bit rolled off to some, it managed to resonate well with us. In terms of midrange clarity, it brings out the vocals so that they pop with clarity. The sound quality in general is a mix of lush and detailed sounds that remain balanced and cohesive. If you're vying for a compete audio experience without breaking the bank, put this on your shortlist. However, keep in mind that these speakers will sound best with a good room setup and perhaps even some equalization adjustment if you're going for the absolute best audio outcome. Bad recordings will sound bad no matter how good your speakers are and these are no exception. All in all, we reckon the Dali Oberon 3 is a splendid set of speakers you'd absolutely enjoy.