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Sennheiser HD 569 Headphones Review


As an avid headphones enthusiast with some audiophile taste, I have been through various brands of headphones. When I decided on the Sennheiser HD 569s, I knew it was a high ticket item more expensive than the ones I had previously owned. But now, after intense usage and critical analysis, I am ready to share my detailed Sennheiser HD 569 Headphone review.

Comfort and Durability

I’ve had my fair share of headphones within various price ranges and brands, including popular ones like HyperX, Bose, and Sony, to name a few. The Sennheiser HD 569 headphones stand out in terms of comfort, which is crucial if you wear them for extended periods. It hasn’t been uncommon for me to wear these for five or more hours daily, and I am comfortable reporting that they have remained as plush as the day I got them. The comfort and sound quality are superior compared to the HyperX Cloud Alphas I used to own.

Though they are firm, the HD569 is light on the head, which significantly reduces the chance of headaches that can come with other heavier headphones. They have perfect clamping force, and the enormous cushioning allowed me to wear them for hours without any physical discomfort. It’s a little cumbersome that these headphones don’t fold or sit flat. They come as they appear in the product picture.

I also need to point out some durability concerns I experienced as the foam band at the top started to come off after less than ten months of usage, which certainly raised questions about the construction quality. The cord came with significant kinks from the packaging, triggering some mild annoyance.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones is excellent, especially for the price point. They provide a balanced audio experience with clear, crisp, and notably brilliant sound. I have been genuinely amazed at the sound spectrum – the midrange, highs, and lows are spot on for downloaded music. The sound isolation is also top-notch, immersing you fully in your music without disturbance from surrounding noises.

There’s a general belief in the headphones world about the ‘burn-in period.’ For those unfamiliar, this is essentially a suggested period of regular usage before they reach their peak sound quality. I feel compelled to mention that these HD 569 headphones sound excellent right out of the box, and I noticed no dramatic change after the standard burn-in period.

Additionally, these headphones shine when it comes to bass performance. It delivers deep, intense, and rich bass, adding a lively dimension to your music. The noise cancellation feature offers an estimated 50% noise cancellation for fellow audiophiles due to the snug around-ear design.

Sennheiser HD 569 headphones

Budget and Value

The exceptional audio output quality justifies the Sennheiser HD 569S cost. However, this might not be the best choice if you’re looking for an introductory model. They are in a higher price range, but the sound quality, comfort, and level of noise cancellation make them worth it.

I won’t lie; these headphones are indeed a luxury item. They’re significantly pricier than your average headphones, but once you’ve experienced them, it’s hard to settle for anything less.

Pros and Cons


  • Great midrange sound with excellent bass
  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Call cord included
  • Removable cable increases longevity
  • It provides outstanding sound isolation
  • Value for money


  • The headphones do not fold or sit flat
  • Durability concerns with foam band at the top
  • The cord is prone to kinks and tangles
  • The non-detachable headpad
  • It is not suitable for those who prefer open-back headphones


My overall verdict on these headphones has been quite favorable. While there are some construction flaws, the Sennheiser HD 569 headphones offer high-end sound, quality, comfort, and stylish design at a reasonable price point. They are a great alternative to costlier models without sacrificing critical features. I would recommend them even if it’s to experience them and decide whether they would be your ideal headphones, especially within the $100 to $150 price range.

Bass Response
The headphones offer a delightful bass response. The low-end frequencies are well-managed and not bloated, resonating well with users with a fondness for good bass. Some users, however, found the bass levels slightly low and would have preferred a mild boost.
Treble Detail
The treble detail is excellent, though a little shiny at higher volumes, but generally offers superb clarity in the higher frequencies. It was noted that this lends the headphones to prolonged and comfortable listening sessions even when fully blasted.
Midrange Clarity
The Sennheiser HD 569 shines brightly concerning midrange clarity. Vocals and instruments come out clear and natural, offering an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. There is very little middle distortion experienced, making the sound output very desirable for audiophiles.
Sound Quality
The Sennheiser HD 569 delivers top-notch sound quality. It impressively replicates a complete range of audio frequencies, thus enhancing the overall auditory experience in a range of music genres. The sound is miles beyond comparable models and provides hours of crisp, clear audio without inducing strain or discomfort.
Comfort & Fit
Despite some aesthetic misgivings, the Sennheiser HD 569 shines in comfort and fit. The padding is plush and soft to allow for extended wear while the pressure exerted on the ears or head is just right. They're great for hours-long, constant use without any discomfort, even for users using glasses.
Build Quality & Durability
Concerns were noted regarding the build quality of the Sennheiser HD 569. Some users reported issues with the foam band coming loose and the cord having kinks from packaging. That said, most users were satisfied with the headband comfort and ear cups.
Soundstage Imaging
The soundstage and imaging offered by the Sennheiser HD 569 are commendable. It offers a spacious and immersive sound field that makes users feel like they're in the middle of a live performance. However, few users found the overall experience a tad thin compared to other models in the same price range.
Noise Isolation
For closed-back headphones, the Sennheiser HD 569 provides admirable noise isolation. It significantly blocks out ambient noises when active, offering a partially-sealed isolation that lets users lock in on the listening experience. However, the effectiveness reduces when the audio is paused.
Value for Money
The Sennheiser HD 569 offers stellar value for their price point. Many users commended the exceptional sound quality, comfortable fit, and good noise isolation considering the very affordable price. Despite a few minor issues, users confirmed the great value proposition presented by the headphones.
Total Score
Rating Summary
As an everyday pair of headphones, the Sennheiser HD 569 hits the mark for many users by providing excellent sound quality, impressive midrange clarity, reasonable bass response, and satisfactory treble detail. Though not without minor flaws, the comfort and fit of these headphones are unmatched. The build quality had some concerns around the foam band and cord, but overall, these issues didn't deter users from appreciating the headphones' performance. The soundstage and imaging impart an immersive auditory experience almost akin to a live performance. Noise isolation was variably effective depending on whether audio was actively being played or not. Despite minor setbacks, the headphones offer excellent value for money, especially for users who value sound quality and comfortable fit. Overall, for their price point, the Sennheiser HD 569 offers an impressive audio experience and comfortable wear, making it a preferred choice for many users.