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Dali Oberon 1 Bookshelf Speakers Review

Unwrapping the Oberon Experience

Going beyond web reviews and getting hands-on, this DALI Oberon 1 review comes from a place of personal experience. This Scandinavian sound sorcery embarked on its journey by inspirationally reinventing my home experience. The DALI Oberon speakers, paired with the Loxjie A30, flawlessly connected to my MacBook via 3.5mm to RCA and seamlessly to my phone via Bluetooth. This review, although positively inclined, holds a neutral stance on the product, covering every upside and downside encountered through usage.

Aural Artistry

As I tuned into my favorite tracks, the audio quality was nothing short of fantastic. The crystal-clear sound, either for music or movies, was a riveting experience. The immersive sounds, especially for the human voice, were incomparable. You could feel the bass and treble from the modules of the speaker, which adds more depth to your listening experience. In terms of sound quality, no complaints on my end. This Danish audio gem is an absolute upgrade compared to my old ZVOX 555 or MBA’s original speaker.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The speaker, with its undeniable Danish craftsmanship, boasts high build quality. All the nuts and bolts are tightly screwed, and the connectors are made of quality material. The white body with grey grills forms a classy style that seamlessly fits with any wooden furniture of mine. But, its smooth finish accompanied by an unexpectedly rugged look gives the Oberon 1 an even more handsome appearance.

Space and Room Compatibility

The Dali Oberon 1 is ideally suited for a medium-sized room or smaller. I had them in an 18x20ft room, and they performed fairly well, again suggesting that they might not be suited for larger environments. One of the intriguing traits of these speakers is that they are not fussy about their placement. They didn’t demand any toed-in alignment, which made their installation a breeze.

Comparative Take

Compared to my previous setup of Definitive Promonitor 1000s, these were a significant leap forward in terms of sound quality. I could feel the bass and treble from the modules of the speaker. My old ZVOX 555 or MacBook’s original speaker did not stand a chance against Dali Oberon 1 in terms of enveloping my room with a clear, crisp sound.

Performance in Context

When I placed the speakers near-field on my desktop, they didn’t require too many watts to deliver good sound. They produced a balanced sound with excellent bass extension, especially considering their modest size. They responsibly handled even my Indian music collection, pervading my room with a live music effect at low volumes. Much to my delight, I found no lacking in the bass department. However, to appreciate these speakers and their versatility fully, they withhold some dependence on a subwoofer to deliver deep bass considering their size. A fact hardware enthusiasts might want to consider.

Slight Delivery Hiccups

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as the delivery process left a bitter taste. The packaging and handling, seemingly from the factory, led to minor damage in one corner. This delivery issue could have been avoided with slightly thicker thermal or improved packaging. Apart from this unfortunate incident, the speakers have been a joy.

A Few Notes of Caution

Despite being mostly satisfied with the speakers, I must voice an unpopular opinion about these pricey musical pinnacles. To some, the speakers sounded a tad shouty at higher frequencies and lacked body relative to their cost. For me, they delivered warm tones with a rounded-off treble, which might not resonate with everyone’s demeanor. My rooms experienced their less airy sound, comparatively more acceptable following a few adjustments on positioning and speakers’ settings.

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Attractive design
  • Smooth output right out of the box


  • Deep bass requires a subwoofer
  • Packaging and handling could be improved

Final Verdict

At a glance, there are certainly more affordable speakers on the market, but the DALI Oberon 1s have consistently dispensed a finely balanced, comfortable sound that you can listen to for a long time. Their smoothness right out of the box, fine musical delicacy, and aesthetic appeal make them worth every penny. Whether it’s the enthralling depth of sound or the handsome look, Oberon 1 speakers would qualify as a worthy investment in the audio category.

Bass Response
The bass response of the Dali Oberon 1 is decent considering its size. Many users noted the impressive bass quality. That being said, a few customers suggested supplementing the speakers with a subwoofer for a deeper bass experience.
Treble Detail
Users lauded the treble detail of Dali Oberon 1, noticing an airy, attractive sound that provided an extended listening pleasure.
Midrange Clarity
The Dali Oberon 1 shines in the midrange clarity, precisely reproducing vocals and instruments. Listeners appreciated the speaker's capability to generate natural sound, especially for human voices.
The design received massive praises from the users. The sleek, stylish look with a quality material build was appreciated. The speakers are quite the eye-catchers, fitting impressively well in different types of furniture and room arrangements.
Sound Quality
Sound quality of Dali Oberon 1 is considered top-notch by a majority of the users. It delivers natural, dynamic sound with clear details. However, there are some users who found the sound quality lacking in certain aspects and less impressive.
Value for Money
For the price, Dali Oberon 1 provides commendable sound and build quality. Despite a few disappointments from customers, most users agreed that the product is indeed worth its price for the overall experience it provides.
Total Score
Rating Summary
We found the Dali Oberon 1 to perform impressively. For a speaker of its size and price range, it offers high value for money. It flaunted excellent midrange clarity, accurately reproducing vocals and instruments, which was highly appreciated. On the bass front, it did a fair job, but some users recommended pairing it with a subwoofer for an elevated bass experience. Treble detail was another aspect where the speaker scored well, providing an extended pleasant listening experience. Sound quality was largely well received, despite a few customers finding it less impressive than expected. Its design was lauded by almost everyone for its elegance and high-quality build. Overall, Dali Oberon 1 scored respectably across various aspects, making it a worthy contender in its price band.