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What certain abbreviations and terms inside comparison tables and spec pages means?

Explanation of all technical terms and abbreviations can be found on our “Hi-Fi Glossary” page.

Device specs are wrong. How can I submit correction?

If you found error in our tables, please use contact page and explain us where and how to fix wrong data.

How do you measure headphone and speaker dimensions?

As you noticed most of the producers on Amazon don’t follow “Length X Width X Height” standard and it is happening across the web. We decided to follow the following rules for this:

Why haven’t we added product X yet?

We have a limited resources. However if you wish to add a product, send us suggestion via contact us page.

I am not sure which speaker, amplifier to buy. Can you help me to decide?

We do not endorse any manufacturers or models. This site simply collects technical specifications of mentioned devices.

If you do not endorse any products how do you make money?

This site is monetized by Amazon Affiliate program. This means that every time you end up on Amazon and buy something, we make small commission, which do not influence your price at all. Also, we serve Google Adsense ads on couple of places across this site.

I want to advertise on your site. How can I do it?

Although we don’t have web advertisement spaces, contact us and we are gonna figure out some deal for you. We do not accept sponsored posts.