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Pioneer SP-FS52 Speaker Review

As a seasoned audiophile and music enthusiast, I’ve spent a fair share of time, energy and resources exploring sound systems, speakers and setups. When it came to replacing my speakers, it raised questions and sent me off on a new round of research and hours of reading reviews, watching YouTube videos and fiercely comparing models, brands, and price ranges.

Eventually, after scouring the internet for valuable information, I landed on Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Floor-standing speakers, a model designed by Andrew Jones. By the time the speakers arrived, I was equally excited and sceptical. However, the speakers have since proven their mettle and held their own, providing quality sound without breaking the bank. They quickly became one of my best purchases to date.

Unboxing and Setup

The speakers arrived in separate shipments. They were easy to set up, and the instructions came in handy for those unfamiliar with speaker installations. These floor speakers also came outfitted with outriggers to enhance stability. My old setup was a simple, albeit dated, Panasonic DTS/Dolby receiver capable of 100 Watts per channel. The connection was an uncomplicated process with banana clips or raw wire, and I used the same wires I’d used on my old Polk speakers until I could change them.

Design and Build Quality

Once I got the speakers out of the box, I was taken with their slick design and decent build quality with a tasteful finish suitable for just about any setting. Interestingly, they have more height than I expected which somewhat compensated for the lack of depth in the bass. Aesthetically, they fit nicely into my room’s layout, fuss-free and fairly unobtrusive.

Sound Quality

The first few hours of listening were, admittedly, not the best. The sound lacked balance and coherence, which was particularly frustrating. But I realised that they needed some breaking in – the high end was harsh initially but gradually smoothed out with usage over a period, turning into a reasonably detailed and tolerable range. After 12 hours of running the sound test, I noticed significant changes. Whatever high-end harshness I had experienced had mellowed out. The Pioneers began to showcase a neutral sound tone that I found pleasant.

When it comes to range, the Pioneers delivered a beautifully balanced sound. I enjoyed how they conveyed a nifty midrange, and their relatively bright highs lent clarity to the sound mix without being uncomfortably strident. I was impressed by not only their impressive detail but also by their ability to handle an ample range of sounds from the smooth sounds of classical music to the intense beats of EDM. They perform excellently when playing rock ‘n’ roll and pop music, crafting a vibrant and energetic soundscape.

Bass and Low-End Sound

The Pioneers shone when it came to the midrange, but the low end left much to be desired, and incorporating a subwoofer made a noticeable impact in enhancing the sound. Even in small to medium-sized rooms, the bass was quite noticeably deep and created a fulfilling listening experience for both regular TV watching and musical sessions.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Speaker

Room and Receiver Effect

In a posting of mine, I explained how room acoustics can influence the sound. In brief, the type of room and its dimensions played a significant role in the speakers’ overall performance.

Spending Perceived vs Actual Quality

One crucial factor I considered while reviewing these Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers was indeed, their price range. There comes a point where an unwarranted price hike does not always equate to better sound quality. However, I strongly believe that these Pioneers are an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-performing pair of floor standing speakers at a reasonable price. They’re an unbeatable deal for the level of detail, depth and quality they provide.

Final Verdict

While a part of me wished the Pioneer SP-FS52-LR speakers had a bit more punch in the bass department, the criticism falls away when I considered the price, performance, and overall value. They deliver a breathtaking performance that belies their price tag. The synergy between performance and affordability in the Pioneers leave them as an easy recommendation for anyone keen on acquiring a pair of floor standing speakers that can impress without exhausting a budget.


  • Excellent midrange and distinct detailing
  • Easy set-up and good build
  • Smartly understated design
  • Competitively priced for its exceptional performance.
  • Break-in improves sound


  • Requires a subwoofer for optimal low-frequency response
  • Lacks punch in bass without subwoofer
  • High-end tone can initially come across as harsh.


Bass Response
The Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers put out a relatively good bass response which is impressive for the speakers of this size. However, it would be optimal to pair them with a good subwoofer for more intense and balanced bass, especially for EDM and orchestral music lovers.
Treble Detail
After a few hours of breaking in, the Pioneer SP-FS52 delivers smoother and significantly better high-end frequency response. Although, it still sometimes struggles with certain female vocals. A decent amount of detail can be found in the high-end frequencies.
Midrange Clarity
Regarded to be well-balanced and coherent, the Pioneer SP-FS52 offers great midrange clarity. The speakers give a well-rounded performance for most of the genres, specifically rock and roll sounds fantastic on these. Plus, with some tweaking and optimal placement, the midrange can really shine.
The design of the Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers is simplistic and effective. The build quality is satisfactory and the speakers are quite sturdy. They are reasonably easy to move around and set up. Plus, they can easily blend into any room aesthetics.
Sound Quality
The Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers possess a remarkable sound quality for their price point. Though the first few hours might be a bit off, the speakers need some time to open up and show their true colors. The gradual improvement in their sound quality over time is quite impressive.
Value for Money
Considering the price point, differentiator features, and performance, the Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers provide exceptional value for the money spent. They have renowned reputation as cost-effective speakers with top-notch sound quality.
Total Score
Rating Summary
We found the Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers to offer an unbeatable value for the cost. They may not replace high-end equipment or win any beauty contests, but they hold their ground quite well in terms of the sound quality. From blasting rock n roll to playing soothing classical music, these speakers can navigate a wide spectrum of genres very efficiently. The bass response is impressive for a compact floor speaker, though you might want to consider adding a subwoofer to the setup for a bit more kick. The speakers also manage to deliver a significant level of detail in high-end frequencies, although they can be a bit rough around the edges when dealing with certain female vocals. The design of the speakers is minimalist yet effective. Moreover, although they might sound awful right out of the box, give them some time, and you will witness the dramatic improvement in their sound quality. They incorporate an impressive soundstage and image placement. Overall, these speakers are a great option if you are looking for a budget-friendly addition to your sound system.