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Sennheiser HD 600

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Brand, Model and Release Date

Information about the brand, model release date.

Manufacturer Sennheiser
Model HD 600
Release Date 1997 (2019)
HifiSpecs Rating
Amazon Rating

General Specifications

Type, design and features.

Headphone Type Over-ear (circumaural)
Earcup Design Open-back
Noise Options None
Transducer Technology Dynamic
Microphone No
Connectivity Wired
Cable Length ~3 m
~9.84 ft
~387.5 in
Detachable Cable Yes
Battery Life -
Battery Quick Charge -
Water Protection No
Driver Diameter 40
Inputs 3.5 mm (6.3 mm adapter)
Controls No
Foldable No

Technical Specs

Tech specifications of the headphones.

Frequency Response [Hz] 12 - 40500
Impedance [Ohms] 300
Maximum Input Power [mW] -
Maximum SPL 97
Distortion <0,1%
Driver Diameter 40

Product Dimensions and Weight

Headphone dimensions and weight.

Length ~8 in
~203.2 mm
~20.32 cm
Width ~6.5 in
~165.1 mm
~16.51 cm
Height ~3.75 in
~95.25 mm
~9.53 cm
Weight ~0.57 lb
~258.55 g
~0.26 kg

Packaging Info

Package dimensions and weight.

Shipping Length ~12.9 in
~327.66 mm
~32.77 cm
Shipping Width ~10.2 in
~259.08 mm
~25.91 cm
Shipping Height ~4.35 in
~110.49 mm
~11.05 cm
Shipping Weight ~1.2 lb
~544.31 g
~0.54 kg

Colors and Accessories

List of available colors and optional accessories.

  • Black
Replacable Earpads Yes
What's in the Box
  • Sennheiser HD 600
  • 3 m cable with 3.5 mm connector
  • 6.3 mm adaptor
  • User manual

Price and Warranty

Satisfaction is (not) guaranteed.

Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer URL

Personal Review

"In this review, I discuss my experience with the Sennheiser HD600 headphones, including some of the potential pros and cons associated with this product. The sound performance stands out, with an excellent combination of fine-tuned clarity, neutral sound, and impressive nuances in both mids and highs. However, these headphones require high-quality audio sources, being less forgiving with poor-quality files. The headphones are comfortable to use, thanks to their plush ear cups and adjustable headband, but their build quality initially seems somewhat questionable. Lastly, while the mid-range clarity is impressive, the bass response could be more robust. These headphones also require potentially costly replacements for certain components over time. Regardless, I believe it offers excellent value for money, significantly improving the listener's music appreciation."

Bass Response
The bass of the Sennheiser HD 600 can be a bit recessed on tracks, particularly without an amplifier. There's enough mid-bass thump to satisfy most listeners, but bass enthusiasts might find it lacking in depth and punch.
Treble Detail
The Sennheiser HD 600 handles treble detail well. Higher frequencies are crisp, clear, and well-managed. However, poor recording quality or low-quality tracks may introduce some unpleasant imperfections.
Midrange Clarity
The headphones excel at delivering clear and natural-sounding vocals and instruments. To many, it feels like lifting a veil from the sound, revealing greater midrange clarity, especially in vocal performances.

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