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Fluance SX6-Bk Bookshelf Speakers Review


Finding affordable and high-quality sound led me to the Fluance SX6-Bk bookshelf speakers. As a musician with a discerning ear for sound quality and an audiophile for four decades, I am thoroughly impressed with the Fluance experience. This Fluance SX6-Bk review shares my experience with these speakers and incorporates other customers’ experiences to give you a comprehensive view of the product.

Sound Quality

The Fluance SX6-Bk speakers have delivered more than I ever expected. Despite their size, they excel in the mid-range and high frequencies and produce satisfying bass. The treble is excellent, surpassing several speakers in the 400-600 dollar range that I own. As noted by fellow users, these budget speakers might not deliver ground-shaking bass, but their response to low-frequency sounds is commendable, even picking up sound well into the 35hz area. This might not move your furniture, but it does provide an impressive response for speakers of this size and price range.

Using these speakers, the sound stage is one of the best I’ve heard from any speaker at any price. The treble was smooth and realistic after a 2-day break-in period, and the mid-range delivered marvelously, making vocals feel like they were right here with me in the room. Also, there was a notable change in the volume after connecting two pairs of these speakers to my system. It appeared louder without losing bass tightness, mid-range, or treble definition.

The Bass Challenge

Given their size and design, I know some people might be apprehensive about the bass response on these Bookshelf Speakers. However, the Fluance SX6 surprisingly delivered a commendable low bass frequency. My amplifiers attest that powerful sound can be produced down to 33Hz. Though they won’t move furniture around with the resonating bass that some might anticipate, the level of bass response for speakers of this size and price was quite impressive.

Dynamic Response/Sensitivity

Where these speakers truly excel is their astonishing dynamic response. Running at 100 watts capacity, they could handle soft, whisper-quiet details and performed excellently with high-volume music. Their remarkable dynamic range implies a balance that is sought after by many audiophiles like myself.

Design and Build Quality

The Fluance SX6-Bk speakers also score high in the aesthetic department. With a stunning wood veneer over the MDF, they look way more expensive than they cost. From a durability quotient, these speakers also seem solid and sturdy, ensuring they can withstand prolonged usage.

Fluance SX6-BK Review

Value for Money

Where these speakers shine is their incredible price point. These speakers offer tremendous bang for anyone looking for quality sound on a budget, comparable to speakers within the $400-600 range. I am overwhelmed by the extraordinary sound, especially at this price. FingFinding a better-quality sound would require a $1000 investment per pair. And given that Fluance offers a lifetime warranty on its passive speakers, it’s a worthy investment, although you might face a small shipping fee to avail of the warranty service.

Comparisons with other Speakers

Stacked against well-known brands like Micca RB42 and BIC America DV62si, the Fluance held its own. The Fluance offers impressive sound quality. However, depending on your sound preference, you might find the BIC America DV62si better. It had a deeper, more accurate bass, and the highs were slightly more pleasant. In terms of price, BIC delivered a better bang for the buck.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent treble and mid-range frequencies
  • Decent bass response
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable price point
  • Solid build quality


  • Slight hiss reported by a few users
  • Shipping costs for warranty service


The Fluance SX6-Bk speakers provide extraordinary value for their price. They produce high-quality sound across different frequencies, have a solid build quality, and their aesthetics add value to the overall package. For anyone looking for a great pair of budget-friendly bookshelf speakers, the Fluance SX6-Bk is worth close consideration.

Bass Response
The speakers surprisingly handle low frequencies quite well for their size and design, although they don't quite match the power of larger speakers or a standalone subwoofer. There were mentions of the prodigious bass response, particularly with frequencies down to the range of 35hz.
Treble Detail
The speakers score high on treble detail. They reproduce high frequencies exceptionally well and surpass many pricier models, despite some reviews stating they lean a touch bright especially with brass percussions.
Midrange Clarity
These speakers deliver good mid-range sound, providing well-balanced and clear vocals. Nonetheless, there were mentions of a minor hissing issue which was inaudible when music played.
The speakers boast a pleasing design with beautiful wood veneer finish over robust MDF. They are sturdy, well-crafted, and frequently mistaken for higher-end models.
Sound Quality
Overall, the Fluance SX6-BK delivers impressive sound quality throughout the frequency spectrum. The soundstage they project is solid and grand, but a few minor issues such as susceptibility to brightness and a slight hissing sound keep it from scoring perfect.
Value for Money
Fluance SX6-BK offers fantastic value for money considering its excellent sound quality and robust build. However, some customers pointed out that the warranty claim policy may incur extra shipment costs, decreasing the value somewhat.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The Fluance SX6-BK speakers are an extraordinarily good deal for their price range. These guys ace the treble detailing, providing a crisp, delightful listening experience. Although they lean slightly towards the brighter side, especially with brass percussions, the high frequencies impress across the board. The bass response, while not earth-shattering, does manage to stand out, particularly considering the speaker size. The soundstage is described as 'rock-solid' by many, delivering impressive presence right through the frequency ranges. Midrange output is typically smooth and clear with vocals that feel like they are inside the room with you. A very slight hissing issue was noted by some, although this wasn't considered a game-changer as it wasn't noticeable when music was playing. In terms of design, the speakers are often mistaken for higher-end models, with a beautiful wood veneer finish and sturdy build quality. One ding against them was a speaker that went bust inside a year. However, the lifetime warranty somewhat cushions that blow, but be aware that warranty claims can incur shipping charges. The Fluance SX6-BK speakers are an excellent choice if you value great sound quality coupled with a refined, elegant design at an affordable price.