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Martin Logan Motion 20 Speakers Review

First Impressions and Aesthetics

The Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers arrived in perfect condition from the seller, IQ Home Entertainment. There were no infractions with shipping, and the unboxing further aroused my anticipation. The cabinet bears a sleek black piano finish that effortlessly blends with my home decor. Initially, my wife was apprehensive about integrating “huge ugly speakers” into our living room. The speakers are pretty imposing in stature but surprisingly sleek. The design easily won my wife over and surprisingly enhanced our living room’s style quotient.

Expectations Vs. Reality

With a sizeable investment in the Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers, I braced myself for a powerful auditory experience. Diving into speaker reviews, I realized scores of other users mirrored my expectations – we all expected this product to deliver. I won’t beat about the bush: the Martin Logan Motion 20 lives up to the hype, but with certain limitations that could be deal-breakers for some.

Setting the Stage

I am writing this review after using the MartinLogan Motion 20 Loudspeaker for about three months. I am no audio snob, but I appreciate quality sound. My priority was to create an environment in my home that could mimic a studio’s sound stage, and the Motion 20 speakers phenomenally brought that experience to reality.

The Sound Experience

First, the speakers deliver a quality sound at any volume, with no hint of distortion throughout the range. They perform marvelously, whether it’s music, movies, or even simple soundtracks. The Motion 20s balance subtle sophistication and raw power, putting you in the studio or on set with the artists. They feel and sound authentic, unlike you’re simply listening to car stereos.

On to the physics. If you’ve ever set up a home theatre of your own, you know that the placement of the speakers can essentially make or break the experience. In my setup, I powered my ML20s with a Marantz sr5012, complemented with a decent sub, Polk speakers for the middle and rear Bose satellites mounted about 7 feet high. The result is a soundstage that is as immersive as possible, stunningly copying the live experience.

Martin Logan Motion 20

Quality and Appearance

With a glossy black finish, the speakers sound great and look superb. I assure you that they enhance the aesthetics of any room you place them in. And let’s face it, we all have a partner concerned about ‘huge ugly speakers’ in the living room! Well, it’s a relief when sound and style blend seamlessly together, as in the case of the ML20s.

Technical Aspects and Functionality

The system offers flexibility in connections. They come with four connectors that allow bi-amp/bi-wire options. You could use the provided bridges if you cannot exercise this option. I tried both – first with the bridges, then without them. It was a significant improvement when bi-wiring the speakers. They deliver exceptionally well with a substantial subwoofer like the SVS SB 12. This elevates the bass experience and blends perfectly with the speaker’s output.

Customer Service and Seller Responsiveness

The customer service provided by IQ Home Entertainment was impressive. When I reported that one of the speakers arrived damaged, they were responsive and swift in action. Though disappointed, I was relieved at their speedy reaction. I was allowed to keep the speakers until replacements were received.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Fantastic Customer Service by the seller


  • The sound might be ‘too polished’ for some
  • Size and appearance might not appeal to everyone
  • Shipping mishaps


Considering everything from sound, style, seller responsiveness, and overall customer experience – the Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers are an investment I don’t regret. Despite minor quibbles about their performance and a shipping mishap, these speakers found their place in my living room and heart. But they might not be for everyone—especially if you prefer a raw and more present audio experience.

Bass Response
The Martin Logan Motion 20 provides robust and well-defined bass, enabling users to experience music and sounds in a whole new way. They do not overpower the other sounds but instead balance out with the other frequencies.
Treble Detail
The Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers have a very subtle treble detail. This allows listeners to hear aspects of their music that they might not have noticed before, without it being too much or too little in quantity.
Midrange Clarity
Some users noticed a lack of depth and personality in the midrange, describing the sound as 'boring'. Yet, other users believe these speakers offer fantastic mid-range clarity, enabling them to hear more of the content than with other speakers.
The Martin Logan Motion 20 offers an attractive piano black finish. It fits in tastefully with most interiors and looks particularly good next to Televisions with similar finishes. However, some users found the speakers a little large, while others reported receiving damaged products.
Sound Quality
Most customers are pleased with the sound quality coming from the Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers. The speakers deliver a clean, crisp sound that highlights the content you are listening to. Nevertheless, one user criticized the speakers for lacking in presence and character.
Value for Money
Although the Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers come with a high price tag, most users agree that the sound quality, design, and decent customer service make them worth the investment. However, a small number of users felt the price was not reflective of the product's performance.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The Martin Logan Motion 20 speakers are an investment, both in price and size, that most users feel is worth every penny. They deliver a solid bass response which appeals to customers who enjoy nuanced sounds without overpowering other frequencies. The speakers have a very subtle yet rich treble detail that will have you noticing sounds you might not have heard before. However, opinions on the speaker's midrange clarity tend to vary, with some finding it a little 'boring' while others appreciate the enhanced clarity that it offers in comparison to other brands. Overall, the general consensus is that the Motion 20 provides excellent sound quality that delivers clean, crisp, and spectacularly detailed sounds. In addition to their sound performance, they also have an attractive glossy black design that most customers appreciate. Nevertheless, some have raised concerns over the size of the speakers, and a few reported receiving damaged products.