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B&W 606 Bookshelf Speaker Review

First Impressions

Before diving headfirst into this B&W 606 review, I must confess that I wasn’t looking for a new pair of speakers. I was quite content with my Bose 201s, complemented by Bose 601s and Polk LSi9s all connected to my 20-year-old Technics SA-DX1040 receiver. While the sound quality was decent, these speakers, especially the Bose 201s, often felt muddy in their delivery.

In my quest for audio clarity, I began contemplating Polk LSiM 703, which seemed great but I couldn’t find them with a known retailer. Other options like Wharfedale Linton, and Wharfedale Evo 4.2 were also considered but I eventually opted for the B&W 606 speakers without even sampling the sound quality, mainly due to the pandemic and lack of testing options. I’m glad to recount today that this gamble paid off more than I anticipated.

Unboxing the B&W 606 Speakers

Upon receiving my shipment, I swiftly got down to the exciting task of setting them up. I connected them not to an extravagant audio setup but to a simple $30 B06+ Aptx HD Bluetooth receiver. Do note that despite its apparent humbleness, this Bluetooth receiver is well-equipped to deliver high-quality stereo sound that can do justice to any speaker. And as I would soon discover, especially to the B&W 606 speakers.

Purchasing & Testing

Purchasing the Bowers & Wilkins 606 was quite a quick decision. With the ongoing pandemic leaving me with limited options to go for a physical test, I took a leap of faith and purchased from a renowned retailer without a proper listen. From the minute I set them up, I found myself playing music for hours on end, seeking to test them with a vast range of music genres. That’s when I started noticing something remarkable.

Experiencing the B&W 606 Sound

I initiated my sonic exploration by playing a variety of music genres. From instrumentals like Zamfir’s Lonely Shepard to Indian classic melodies, western pop, and Diana Krall’s Desperado vocals, my auditory senses received a jolt. I confess it was a momentary bewilderment. “Damn! Didn’t realize that music was there before,” was my genuine exclamation. Everything sounded different, exciting, and lively with these speakers.

Online reviews that refer to these as ‘bright’ or ‘aggressive’ were right—mid-high notes hit you right in the face in a way you never would have experienced before. At first, it’s disconcerting, but eventually, you grow accustomed to this heightened level of clarity, or maybe the speaker adjusts to your preferred taste. Hard to say.

The revelation was not restricted only to the mid-high notes. Even the ‘deeper’ notes from guitars and flutes stood out, their vibrant expression moving the very core of my musical soul. Apt technical adjectives will certainly fail me at this point, but if you are an avid music listener like me, you will find this sonic clarity a revelation. The B&W 606 not only put my Bose 201s, and 601s to shame but also took the Polk LSi9 to class.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional clarity in mid-high notes.
  • Deep notes are vibrant and moving.
  • The sonic experience overpowers even more expensive models.


  • Bass punch might be better with other speakers like the Polk LSi9.
  • Initial sound delivery might feel overly strong.

Comparisons & Final Thoughts

Comparing the B&W 606 with my previous speakers like Bose 201, Bose 601, and even Polk LSi9 revealed the real triumph for me. In terms of audio clarity, and lucidity of the highs and mids, B&W 606 outshined them all. True, the Polks have better bass, but to my ears, the clear and vibrant notes from my B&W 606s felt more compelling and worthwhile. I accessed my music via a basic $30 B06+ Aptx HD Bluetooth receiver connected to my phone and then transmitted it to my 20-year-old Technics receiver to listen through the B&Ws. The quality of output still felt like a grand upgrade.

In the end, I can confidently say that the B&W 606 is well worth every dime. Yes, some might describe it as a tad ‘aggressive’, but it’s this very quality that makes these loudspeakers stand out. If you’re someone who cherishes bright, vibrant audio that adds life to your music, the Bowers & Wilkins 606 Bookshelf Loudspeakers will not disappoint.

Bass Response
While the B&W 606's bass does not match up to the likes of Polk LSi9, it does carry a certain punch. The depth of lower notes, such as those from a flute or guitar, is commendable.
Treble Detail
The speakers make the higher notes (vocal or instrumental) the star of the sound stage. They're 'in your face,' as we like to say, without sounding shrill or overwhelming
Midrange Clarity
Midrange is where B&W 606 truly shines. Vibrant and moving, it offers an unparalleled clarity that brings out the emotion in the music.
Featuring a clean, modern design, the B&W 606 should fit snugly into any home setup, improving the room with both its sound and aesthetics.
Sound Quality
Across the board, the sound quality produced by B&W 606 is top-tier. Highly detailed and clear, it effortlessly uncovers hidden layers in the music.
Value for Money
The B&W 606 offers exceptional sound quality at a relatively affordable price, making it great value for money, particularly for the avid music listeners who aren't looking to splurge on expensive components.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The B&W 606 represents an excellent balance of cost-performance ratio, making high-end sound available to a wider demographic of music enthusiasts, without breaking the bank. The bass response is notable, though it doesn't outshine some competitors. However, the truly remarkable aspect about the B&W 606 is the midrange clarity and attention to high notes, showcasing a level of detailing that's often missing in similarly priced speakers. Even when pushed to its limits, the audio never appears stretched or distorted, holding onto its warm, vibrant and moving essence. Yea, it even makes the high notes sound pleasurable, a feat not many speakers have managed to master. As for design, the sleek and modern look of the speaker easily fits into most décor, leading to an improvement in the overall aesthetic.