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Cambridge Audio SX-60 Bookshelf Speakers Review


Before I dive into this extensive review of the Cambridge Audio SX-60 speakers, I want to clarify my intent. This is not a conventional endorsement, nor am I exceptionally enthusiastic about the product. I aim to provide an authentic, unbiased customer review that incorporates multiple perspectives on the product. Throughout my Cambridge Audio SX-60 speakers review, you’ll find a curated collection of pros and cons nicely summed up from the reviews I have read.

Sound Quality

The cornerstone of any good speaker lies in its sound quality. To put it in simple terms, the SX-60 has an impressively rich sound output. They don’t seem to favor a particular sou instead simply play the music. Whether it’s classical jazz, musicals, EDM, or rock, they handle all equally. Perhaps what contributes to this versatility the most is their unnecessary but genuinely impressive bass. The bass isn’t overwhelming, it’s just right; weighty enough to make you think there’s a subwoofer involved.

Importantly, these speakers excel in retaining the integrity of the sound even at high volumes. Where other speakers might distort, the sound quality of these remains consistent. But if you’re a purist searching for those elusive mid-frequency tones, you might feel a slight lack of satisfaction. The speakers have their strengths in the highs and lows, and while they certainly do cover the mid-range, they may not do it as prominently as some might hope.

Physical Appearance

Speaking of the design, the speakers have a clean, simple finish that bodes well in most living environments. Their grille-free appearance infuses elegance in the room. However, if you have a discerning eye for detail, you might be slightly let down by their synthetic wood finish, especially around the edges. That being said, overall they’re a decent-looking pair of speakers, not overly luxurious but certainly not lackluster. They’re not built to steal the show; they’re built to enhance it with their more subtle visual presence.

Functionality and Compatibility

The ease of pairing these speakers with a wide array of receivers, be it a Denon M39 or a NAD D3020 amplifier, only adds to their adaptability. Why, you might ask? Because it provides a flexible, convenient, and customizable listening experience. They’re easy to set up in diverse living spaces, from a minimalistic condo apartment to an RV.

Price Point

Being a vital consideration for many, the price point of these speakers is quite reasonable. Especially when compared to other larger speakers from KEF, Dali, Canton, or Monitor Audio, the SX-60s offer quality sound and decent build at an affordable cost.

Noteworthy Feedback

However, no product review is comprehensive without factoring in some constructive feedback. In the case of the SX-60s, a small, though by no means the deal-breaking issue is noticeable when playing tracks with heavy bass at high volumes. There’s a slight port chuff or rattle that can be heard. Luckily, using foam plugs (which, unfortunately, Ely, are not included with the speakers) can alleviate this issue without affecting the sound quality.

Pros and Cons


    • Rich, varied sound quality with impressive bass.
    • Compatible with various amplifiers for a flexible listening experience.
    • Affordable price for the quality and build.
    • Clean and sleek design.


    • Slight port rattle when played at high volumes.
    • Lack of strong mid-frequency tones.
    • Fake wood finish might not appeal to some.

Final Thoughts

Despite these minor setbacks, I believe Cambridgeidge Audio SX-60 speakers offer great value for their cost. They gave me an auditory enhancement I hadn’t realized I was missing in my music and entertainment. Excellent for a wide range of music genres, they provide great sound quality that’s hard to beat for the price. In my opinion, these speakers deliver without compromising the sound, even at a quarter capacity. If you find the right setup, they work perfectly and for the price, I feel these speakers more than pay their due.

Bass Response
The SX-60s have frequently been praised for their bass response, providing enough oomph to negate the need for an additional subwoofer for most users. While they certainly won't replace a dedicated subwoofer, the bass response is impressive for bookshelf speakers of this size and price range.
Treble Detail
Highs are reported to be crisp and clear, providing an enjoyable listening experience. Some users reported them as not too bright or shrill, indicating that the treble detail is well balanced.
Midrange Clarity
While most reviews of the SX-60s note clear and vibrant sound, some users have found them lacking mids. This, however, seems to be a limited occurrence as the overall opinions on these speakers are rather positive.
The design of the SX-60 is clean and simple, looking good with grilles off. However, some users noted minor issues with finish consistency and highlighted that the wood effect is not genuine but rather a convincing fake.
Sound Quality
The sound quality of Cambridge Audio SX-60 is highly recognized by most users. Regardless of the type of music, from Jazz to Punk Rock, the speakers deliver satisfying output. The sound is described as bigger overall with clear mids and highs.
Value for Money
Given their performance and the satisfaction expressed by most users, the Cambridge Audio SX-60 speakers offer great value for money. Their powerful sound and versatility, suitable for various genres of music and settings, make them an excellent investment.
Total Score
Rating Summary
Overall, the Cambridge Audio SX-60 Speakers deliver impressive performance at a remarkable price point. Their sound quality across a wide range of music is praised, ensuring any audiophile can appreciate these speakers. While the bass response is commendable for their size, some users might desire more, especially bassheads. Highs are clear and well-balanced, but some customers have mentioned a lack of mid-frequency tones. The design, though simple and clean, has had minor issues with finish-consistency. Despite this, they still present a handsome addition to most living spaces. A couple of downsides don't take away from the fact that the SX-60s offer great value, ensuring they leave most customers satisfied with their purchase.