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Fyne Audio F303 Floor Standing Speakers Review


As an audiophile, it is with great enthusiasm that I recount my experience with the Fyne Audio F303 floor-standing speakers. This review aims not only to share my experience but also to provide an honest, unbiased opinion for fellow music lovers considering purchasing this remarkable audio equipment.

You won’t typically find me swooning over audio gear, but I admit that the positive initial impressions of others, coupled with my own experience, left me quite impressed. The following is my Fyne Audio F303 review, detailing my impressions, the upsides, and any potential downsides of this significant audio innovation.

Sound Quality and Performance

Upon my first encounter with the F303s, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. With the guidance of reviews and advice from the friendly folks at Richer Sounds, I chose to invest in these speakers and I’m delighted to affirm that it was worth every penny. Presently, I’m using a Sony CDP-XE800 and a Sony TA-FB 740R, which have been loyal companions for almost 20 years.

Even though these speakers are not fully broken in yet, the dynamic sound quality they produced, especially when I put on one of my classic favorites ‘Talk’ by Yes, simply blew me away. I was genuinely astounded by the power that came from these speakers – the dynamics in the CD shook my house, even on a moderate volume.

The sound fidelity of these speakers is brilliant. To be fully elated by your sound system, you need a distinguished quality of sound reproduction; the Fyne Audio F303 provides just that. The sophisticated tonality, and impressive handling of highs, lows, and mids offer an immersive musical experience.

Top-notch Quality Speakers

In my quest for a superb audio experience, I came across the Fyne F303 speakers, which is a brand I got advised from Richer Sounds. After personally using these floor-standing speakers, I echo the sentiment that these are high-quality speakers worth every penny. The audio quality they deliver serves as an effective testament to their performance. The Fyne F303 speakers truly stand out in an ocean of other options.

Performance with Sony Equipment

I used these speakers in combination with my Sony CDP-XE800 and Sony TA-FB 740R, which have been my go-to audio equipment for close to 20 years now. I must admit, the experience of using the Fyne F303 speakers is nothing short of absolutely brilliant. Even with equipment as old as mine, the Fyne F303’s performance is beyond compare.

Comparison with Previous Speakers

Before the F303, I was using a pair of Jamo Classic 8’s – a reliable set of speakers in their own right. However, when it comes to performance, the Fyne F303 speakers blow them out of the water. While listening to the dynamics in the ‘Talk by Yes’ CD, the clarity and depth of sound that came out of these not-yet-broken-in speakers shook my house even on moderate volume.

Fyne F303 Speakers

Build Quality and Presentation

The Fyne Audio F303 is not only a great performer but also a very well-made product. The build is solid and sturdy, providing a visual statement as well as great audio performance. Some magazine reviews raised eyebrows about the plastic feet, but I feel they are solid and effective. The quality of materials used in these speakers is evident in every aspect of their structure.

Value for Money

Living abroad, I did have to shell out a bit more for these superb speakers, but the performance and satisfaction they have provided me with make it a truly worthwhile investment. The local marketplace does not cater to these amazing speakers, but I say – treat yourself to the Fyne F303, and you’ll agree they were worth it.

Future Expectations

Given their performance so far, I am also planning to use them with my Marantz amp and CD, expecting to squeeze out an even better performance. With every new usage, these Fyne F303s continue to exceed my expectations.

Pros and Cons


  • Superb sound quality
  • Sturdy, elegant design
  • Solid and reliable construction


  • Pricey for abroad residents
  • Not fully broken in yet

From my experience, the Fyne Audio F303 stands out as a premium product in its category, and it’s highly recommended for those who seek a fine audio experience.


For those who are yet to try the Fyne Audio F303 floor-standing speakers, my recommendation would be to tread willingly into this investment. From a superb sound experience to a sturdy, well-made structure, these speakers offer an all-encompassing deal for music enthusiasts. I am eagerly looking forward to pairing them with my Marantz amp and CD, and I am quite confident that the experience will be even more enthralling.

Bass Response
When it comes to bass response, the Fyne Audio F303 does not disappoint. They are loud enough to shake the house even at moderate volumes, indicating an impressive, profound and earth-shaking bass.
Treble Detail
The speakers also produce impeccable treble detail. The highs are sharp, clear, and well defined without being overbearing.
Midrange Clarity
The midrange clarity is particularly spectacular with the Fyne Audio F303. The sound quality in the midrange audio spectrum is well balanced and quite defined, making for delightful listening.
In terms of design, the Fyne Audio F303 exhibits a level of craftsmanship that goes well beyond ordinary. The only slight downside is the plastic feet, which don't diminish the solid overall build quality.
Sound Quality
The overall sound quality of the Fyne Audio F303 is exceptional. This is evident from the enhanced bass response to the enviable midrange clarity and superb treble detail.
Value for Money
The Fyne Audio F303 speakers provide remarkable value for money. They deliver unrivalled performance and is definitely an investment worth making.
Total Score
Rating Summary
We’re all in agreement that Fyne Audio F303 speakers carry a sound factor that is absolutely superb. It's quite notable how they manage a house-shaking bass even at moderate volumes asserting a bold statement of quality and power. Thanks to their exceptionally crisp highs and impressive midrange clarity, the overall sound profile is nothing short of excellent. While the design is generally well-crafted, the plastic feet are a tiny bump on the aesthetic side but by no means a deal-breaker. What gives these speakers the edge is the value for money they offer. Despite being a little pricier, they're an investment worth making for an elevated audio experience. So, if you're out there looking for a reliable blend of design, value, and quality, the Fyne Audio F303 is a solid contender. We absolutely recommend it for anyone who places a significant emphasis on audio performance. It’s a fantastic option that doesn’t disappoint.