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Martin Logan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker Review


I recently purchased the Martin Logan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker, and after putting them through their paces, what captivated me was not just the impeccable sound quality but also the flawless design aesthetic. The highs are crystal clear, immersing you in the nuance of each musical note, a distinctive characteristic of Martin Logan speakers.

First Impressions and Setup

Let’s start my Martin Logan speakers review by talking about my first impression when the delivery arrived. Yes, the package’s delivery was super fast, and the speakers were in a mint condition. Unpacking the speakers, I was immediately taken aback by their gorgeously sleek design, an art piece that could enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space, let alone a desktop. Using these on my desktop instantly elevated my workspace both visually and audibly.

Sound Quality

Once set up properly, the real fun began, and words may fall short of describing how ecstatic I was with the quality of sound this model produced. The audio, right off the bat, was crystal clear. The musical highs were distinctly audible — the triangle, the percussion instruments — nothing escaped their perfectly designed tweeters. It felt as if I had a live orchestra performing right in front of me. Partnering these with my Prestige floor-standing speakers significantly enhanced my audio experience. Even if some may argue against my choice of combining Prestige dome tweeters with the Martin Logan folded motion tweeters, all I can say is the combination is fantastic!

Furthermore, these speakers are incredibly detailed. The quality of sound did not diminish or distort at high volumes. I can safely state that the level of distortion is negligible, if not, non-existent. And, pairing it with a REL sub, the sound produced was nothing short of amazing.

Design Aesthetic and Build Quality

The build quality of these speakers just adds more weight to my positive Martin Logan Motion 15i review. There’s a very clear and evident attention to detail in the design. Not only do they offer top-tier audio quality, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Sitting them on my desktop, they immediately added a stylish and modern vibe to my workstation. And the fact that they arrived in good condition and ahead of schedule only made me more satisfied with my purchase.

Martin Logan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker

The Listening Experience

As for the sound quality, the sound produced by the Martin Logan 15i is unwavering. Paired with a Rotel RA-12, I compared it to an LS50w setup and found myself coming back to the ML 15i repeatedly. It wasn’t overly complicated or teeming with excessive details, it was harmonious, and listening was straightforward. The sound wasn’t unnecessarily robust, but it was punchy enough to provide an enjoyable listening session. This balance between detail and texture found a sweet spot that I found to be just right.

The high notes are particularly impressive, as they come across with amazing clarity. Couple them with a REL Sub and you have incredibly detailed audio that elevates your musical experience. The bass wasn’t overpowering, yet still substantial, and the overall sound remained balanced and pleasant even after extended periods of listening.

Audiophile’s Dream

I run these with about 75 watts per channel capability, but the Martin Logan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker performed effectively at almost half that, making them an energy-efficient choice as well. I was left marveled by their high-functioning sound performance, a true 5.1 setup that any audiophile would appreciate.

Compared to other speakers on my list, I found the Martin Logan 15i offering a pleasant listening experience. Not too much texture or detail, not overly bass-focused, but still punchy, and generally enjoyable audio dynamics. I was using a pair of LS50w earlier, but then I kept coming back to the Martin Logan 15i which achieved a perfect audio balance for my long, relaxed listening sessions.

Pros and Cons


    • Excellent sound quality
    • Great design aesthetic
    • Easy to integrate into existing systems
    • Efficient power usage


    • Possibly being discontinued soon

Pair Compatibility And Final Thoughts

Incorporating these into my sound system to complement other speakers, including the Motion 60XTi and 50XTi, transformed my stereo into a true surround system. Their compatibility with other models ensured an all-around, immersive audio experience that far exceeded my expectations. However, you should be aware that Martin Logan is discontinuing this model along with their 35-inch bookshelf speakers. So, if you do get a chance and find them in stock, I would highly recommend making that purchase. It is worth every penny!

Bass Response
The bass display, while not overly aggressive, had a solid punch. It struck a good balance without overwhelming the system.
Treble Detail
The Martin Logan Motion 15i really shines in delivering pristine highs. The musical elements like the triangle and percussions were strikingly clear.
Midrange Clarity
Not falling short, the midrange was detailed and showcased clear sound. It impressed us with a good balance between detail and texture.
The design of the Martin Logan Motion 15i was attractive and refined, adding a touch of elegance wherever kept.
Sound Quality
The overall sound quality was truly outstanding - detailed, clear with a pleasing balance. Distortion was practically non-existent, regardless of the power.
Value for Money
We found the Martin Logan Motion 15i offered a fantastic bang for the buck, especially considering the quality of sound and build it offers. Undeniably a worthy purchase.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The Martin Logan Motion 15i was a treat to have in our audio ensemble. Presenting a harmony of visual appeal and acoustic proficiency, it won us over with the refined design and the quality of sound it produced. Powering through high volumes, it kept distortion at bay and delivered clean, clear sound that highlighted even the subtlest of musical details. The speakers boasted crystal clear high notes, while also providing a notable midrange clarity. Its bass response was substantial and balanced, not too overpowering but still packing a satisfactory punch. If we were to draw a low spot, it might lie in its midrange, where though detailed, it wasn't quite at par with its treble performance or bass impact. Still, the speakers delivered a pleasant listening experience, maintaining a friendly relationship between detail and texture. Taken together, for the sound quality and build, we thought it to be priced just right, making it a fantastic investment for anyone desiring top-notch audio performance.