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Sennheiser CX 100 Ear Headphone Review

First Impressions

As soon as I unboxed my pair of Sennheiser CX 100 earbuds, I was instantly taken in by their sleek and lightweight design. My initial impression of the sound was a little disappointing. It felt harsh, and the buds were not as comfortable as I had hoped. After some adjustments, I changed the rubber tips for a larger size, which provided a proper seal in my ears, and let them ‘burn in’ by playing music for a few hours—the difference in sound quality after this initial period was like night and day.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the cornerstone of this Sennheiser CX 100 earphones review. It’s a central theme to any pair of headphones, but it’s especially true here. One thing to clarify is that the sound quality of the Sennheiser earphones is good but not quite as good as the next model up. The noise cancellation is equivalent, but the higher model’s fidelity appears sharper.

The high and bass frequencies are impressive, especially when you get a good seal with the more prominent ear adapters. Frankly, though, the bass didn’t entirely meet my expectations; it’s good but not earth-shattering. Switching my Android equalizer to “jazz” mode brought these earbuds to life, offering a remarkable balance of bass, mids, and highs, resulting in good sound and Comfort.

Let’s talk about build quality. This model of Sennheiser CX 100 earphones utilizes a thinner wire compared to upscale versions. Unfortunately, it’s not tangle-free, which can lead to some minor inconveniences. But, considering the $20 price difference, one might overlook this downside because of the product’s overall value. Another distinct point is the right angle or “L” auxiliary connector, which reduces tension and potential breakage. As for Comfort, I found them slightly uncomfortable initially, needing about 5-8 minutes to settle in the ear. However, after that period, they became pretty pleasant and stayed comfortable during long hours of usage.

Durability and Longevity

Unfortunately, I did come across some issues related to durability. As others have noted in their Sennheiser reviews, the longevity of the earphones is slightly disappointing. The right earbud on my pair lasted only about four months before going significantly quieter than the left. Moreover, these earphones didn’t last as long as my cheaper alternatives; the left channel started dropping in and out and crackling at multiple volume levels on various sources.


In this Sennheiser CX 100 earphone review, I must mention this: like most earbuds, they lasted about four months before one side became noticeably quieter. This considerably reduced my overall user experience. They still fit superbly and deliver audio quality, but the durability issue is worthy of your attention.

Sennheiser CX 100 Review


I found that Sennheiser’s earphones work well on phones but less ideally on computers, especially for gaming purposes. Using them primarily on a PC might require a good sound card for an optimal audio experience.

Value for Money

Despite its downsides, the Sennheiser Earphones offer value for the money spent. It is quite an improvement over cheaper alternatives. The noise isolation level is notable. While it does not entirely shut out the ambient noises, it reduces them significantly. They may not have the highest-quality sound output, but the audio is clean, clear, and enjoyable for the price. Plus, the high noise isolation feature lets you focus more on your music.

Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Solid sound quality at this price range
  • Impressive noise isolation
  • Comfortable for long-use
  • Value for money

Cons :

  • Slightly lacking in bass
  • Concerns over durability
  • Minor discomfort upon immediate use
  • Non-tangle free wire


Overall, my Sennheiser review is mixed. Although there are some downsides, like durability and the potential need for an excellent sound card on PC, the modest price tags, impressive sound quality, and noise isolation make these earphones a worthy consideration for those looking for quality earphones at a reasonable price.

Bass Response
Opinions on the bass of the Sennheiser CX 100 were mixed with some users stating that it was lackluster, while others were satisfied after adjusting the ear adapter size.
Treble Detail
Many users mentioned that the high frequencies and treble details were handled well, particularity in genres like classical music.
Midrange Clarity
The headphones generally delivered on clarity in the midrange with natural-sounding vocals and instruments. However, a few users commented they experienced decrease in sound quality without an expensive sound card.
Sound Quality
Overall, users found the sound quality to be good. Some critiques were a lack of bass and uneven audio performance on different devices. However, most enjoyed the clear vocals and instrumentals.
Comfort & Fit
Several users reported discomfort with earbuds falling out or requiring a 'break-in' period before achieving a comfortable fit. Most, however, praised the earbuds for their overall comfort and fit after making the necessary adjustments.
Build Quality & Durability
Build quality seemed to be a pain point for some users, with multiple reports of the headphones failing after a few months of use. Some users also complained about a thin, non-tangle free cord.
Soundstage Imaging
The sense of spaciousness and detail in music was noted by several users, with many praising the Sennheiser CX 100's ability to immerse them in the sound.
Noise Isolation
Most users found the noise isolation to be commendable, stating that the earbuds successfully numbed down outside noises.
Value for Money
The headphones were generally deemed to offer good value for the price, except for those who experienced unexpected failure of the earbuds after a few months.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The Sennheiser CX 100 is a mixed bag with its ups and downs. On the bright side, many users found the audio to be impressive across a range of genres due to its clear vocals and treble details. Users also appreciated the surprisingly good noise isolation these headphones provided. On the flip side, the bass response received mixed reviews, with some finding it less than satisfactory. Comfort and fit proved to be a bit of a hurdle for some users, though most seemed to get the hang of it after some initial adjustments. However, concerns were raised about the build's quality, with several users reporting failure just after a few months of use. Nevertheless, most users agreed that the Sennheiser CX 100 offered great value for its price, making them a decent, affordable pick for everyday use.