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Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker Review


As someone who meticulously curates their audio setup, the choice of speakers is always pivotal. This review covers my experience with the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker, scrutinizing its performance, design, and adaptability across different music genres. I will provide an honest assessment, including the positives and drawbacks I’ve encountered.

First Impressions

Initially, my expectations were tempered. Having transitioned from my much-loved but outdated Tannoy 605 II speakers paired with a Denon system from 1994, it was a significant leap forward in terms of technological sophistication. The Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker speakers arrived in pristine condition, and their build quality immediately caught my attention. These speakers are beautifully crafted, radiating a sense of high craftsmanship.

However, my initial listening session with the Aeromax 2 didn’t leave me completely amazed. The sound was competent but didn’t stand out immediately—an experience that might be common with new speakers needing some time to break in. I gave them the run-in period they deserved before passing any final judgment.

Sound Quality

After allowing the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker some time to break in, the transformation was impressive. The clarity these speakers provide is genuinely astounding. They offer a superb response from bass to treble, seamlessly accommodating a variety of music styles.

The midrange frequencies on these speakers are particularly noteworthy. Their richness elevates old albums, bringing new details to life. The transition across different frequencies is well-balanced, providing a full-bodied listening experience. Bass’s response is authoritative but not overwhelming, while the treble maintains clarity, ensuring high notes are pristine and articulate.

Performance Across Genres

Despite the impressive sound quality, it’s important to mention that the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker is not a jack-of-all-trades—there are some genre-specific nuances to consider. For example, suppose your playlist includes a lot of electronica or jazz. In that case, you might find the sound a bit muddy compared to other high-fidelity speakers tailored explicitly for those genres. This was one of the reasons another user decided to return them, as they felt these speakers were better suited for genres like punk rock.

That said, when paired with a Cambridge CAX81, the reproduction quality is further amplified. This combination brings out the best in all types of music, from classical to rock, effectively bridging genre-specific gaps. Thus, while the Aeromax 2 might not be perfect for every genre, it shines brightly in a well-matched audio setup.

Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker

Build and Design

One of the standout features of the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 is its build quality. They are beautifully designed, exuding a premium feel beyond their price point. Compared to my old Tannoy speakers, the design and material robustness upgrade is evident. If aesthetics and craftsmanship are as crucial to you as sound quality, these speakers will be a great addition to your setup.

Setup and Compatibility

Setting up the Aeromax 2 is straightforward. However, to fully realize their potential, it’s crucial to pair them with decent system components and quality cables. In my experience, these speakers aren’t forgiving of subpar equipment. They indeed come alive with a high-quality amplifier and well-shielded cables. Once correctly set up, you will appreciate the depth and nuance they offer.

Pros and Cons


  • Astounding clarity and detail in sound reproduction
  • Well-balanced bass, midrange, and treble
  • High-quality craftsmanship and beautiful design
  • Ideal for a variety of music genres when paired with the right equipment


  • Requires a run-in period to achieve full sound potential
  • Not as articulate as electronica or jazz music
  • Best performance requires a high-quality system and cables

Comparison to Other Products

In the crowded market of mid-range loudspeakers, the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker stands out for several reasons. Its build quality surpasses many competitors in the same price range, offering a premium feel usually associated with higher-end models. Sound clarity is another area where these speakers excel, bringing out nuanced details in your music collection that you might not have experienced with other speakers in this category.

That said, there are other speakers out there that may deliver better performances in specific genres like electronica or jazz. Therefore, you might want to explore different options if your musical tastes are heavily skewed towards those genres. However, for a versatile and well-rounded speaker who excels in most areas, the Aeromax 2 is a compelling choice.


In conclusion, my experience with the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker has been overwhelmingly positive. While they require a bit of a run-in period and perform best with high-quality components, their sound clarity, robust construction, and versatile performance make them a high recommendation for audiophiles looking for a well-rounded speaker.

They excel in most genres, offering a balanced and nuanced listening experience that can rejuvenate old albums and bring new music to life. However, if your musical preferences lie in genres like electronica or jazz, you may want to consider other options. Overall, the Aeromax 2 offers an impressive performance far exceeding its price point, provided you have the proper setup to pair with it.

If you’re considering an upgrade and want a speaker that combines design and sound quality, the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 Bookshelf Speaker should be considered.

Bass Response
We found the bass response to be pretty solid. It has a rich, deep bottom end that works excellently for certain genres like rock and punk. Nonetheless, it might feel a bit overwhelming or 'muddy' for more intricate genres like electronica or jazz.
Treble Detail
The highs are particularly impressive. The detail is clear and crisp, making it a joy to listen to music with a lot of high-end content. It handles treble with aplomb, offering a high level of detail without being overly sharp or piercing.
Midrange Clarity
Midrange clarity is undoubtedly one of the strong suits of the Aeromax 2. Vocals, guitars, and many other midrange elements shine through with remarkable clarity, enriching the overall audio experience.
The design of the Aeromax 2 is as impressive as its sound. It's beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing, fitting well in most home environments. It's not just a treat for the ears but also for the eyes.
Sound Quality
Overall sound quality is excellent. The speaker delivers a rich and engaging audio experience across a variety of music genres. Though not perfect, the minor shortcomings in bass response are overshadowed by the superb treble and midrange performance.
Value for Money
The Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 offers a great balance of quality and price. Given the superb sound quality and the beautifully crafted design, we think it's worth every penny. However, it might not fit everyone's budget depending on your financial situation.
Total Score
Rating Summary
The Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 has left a lasting impression on us. Its sound quality is generally excellent, with standout performances in treble detail and midrange clarity. The bass response, while solid, might not be to everyone's liking, especially if you enjoy genres like electronica or jazz that demand more nuance. Value for money is also commendable given the overall quality you get, though it might stretch some budgets. The design is another high point—beautifully crafted and pleasing to the eye, it could easily enhance any room's decor. In summary, the Aeromax 2 offers a rich, engaging audio experience that justifies its price, even if it's not perfect in every audio aspect.