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Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf Speakers Review


As part of my dedication to high-quality audio, I eagerly bought and tested the Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf Speakers. Based on the mixed bag of reviews I found, I knew writing my own Dynaudio Emit M20 review was necessary to provide an unbiased perspective. True to the reviews, the Dynaudio Emit M20 experience is quite something. These speakers can deliver a sound quality that’s both breathtaking and exhilarating, albeit with a few unexpected turns.

Performance Review

Regarding sound quality, my Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf Speakers review starts by nodding to those reviews that spoke highly of these speakers. Simply put, the Emits sound magnificent. The adage’ garbage in, garbage out’ is undoubtedly the truth of these speakers: pair them with an excellent amplifier like the Marantz PM6006 and your favorite CD, and you can almost guarantee an unforgettable auditory experience. The Emit M20 brings a new level of detail to every melody, every strum, and every beat.

They carry a forward and fast sound, giving you a truly immersive listening experience. The Emit M20’s dynamic range is worthy of admiration. Without a doubt, these speakers can compete with even those of twice their price. Their exceptional sound staging offers breathtaking detail, accuracy, depth, and dynamic range. Significantly, the Emit M20s outshine other speakers with their pristine and clear sound when playing jazz.

Quality of Sound

They aren’t referred to as “hi-fidelity” for no reason. As one previous reviewer indicated, they’re very forward and fast. The Emit M20 offers an immersive sound experience, provided you pair them with the right equipment. They convey exceptional high-fidelity sound quality and sound staging. When matched with a Yamaha 100 watts per channel receiver and professional studio speaker stands, it’s hard not to be taken away by the depth and breadth of the music they can produce.

The Emit M20 easily translates contrapuntal jazz or ambient electronic music into an I’m-there listening experience. The dynamic range presents a tangible sense of depth, with breathtaking detail that will improve the quality of any auditory experience.

Dynaudio Emit M20

Build and Design

The Emit M20 speakers feature excellent craftsmanship. However, it’s worth noting that despite claims of being built in Denmark, I found that these speakers are regrettably manufactured in China. Regardless, the performance is uncompromised – they’re still a beautifully designed product. Yet, it’s safe to say that you might feel a bit let down if you were hoping for a DDenmark-made product, as Dynaudio is a Danish brand.

While they may appear bland according to some users, I believe their design offers a minimalistic charm that easily suits most interiors. You can utilize them with grills off or on based on your preference – it’s also worth noting the sound quality seems to be uninhibited regardless of how you choose to display them.


Every product has its downside and with the Dynaudio Emit M20, affordability pairs with a distinct lack of bass. They have an excitable upper midrange, particularly when driven by a 4-ohm rated receiver. The Emit M20 is notably brighter than expected, and the contrast between the highs and lows of the speakers may not be to everyone’s taste.

The lack of bass might make these speakers unsuitable for those who favor heavier or bass-driven music. Therefore, they may not be the best option for anyone looking to buy them without a test run. Many vendors offer a return policy to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional fidelity sound quality
  • Realistic sound experience
  • Great for high-quality stereo music at home
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Minimalistic design


  • Too bright in the upper mids
  • Not enough bass
  • Made in China, not Denmark as advertised
  • Bland appearance

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf Speakers stand tall against competitors, even those with twice the price tag. With the Emit M20, you get what you are ready to give them. Coupled with the right equipment and due consideration to room acoustics, the Emit M20 can genuinely shine and enhance your listening experience.

Bass Response
Opinions on bass response varied with some users indicating disappointment. Specifically, one user noted the upper mids were too bright and there wasn't enough bass. It seems a consideration of personal preference and set-up.
Treble Detail
The Emit M20 earned high praise for its treble detail, with users noting that it offered depth, dynamic range and breathtaking sound staging. The overall impressions were of a detailed, accurate sound. Some users however found the treble too bright.
Midrange Clarity
The clarity in the midrange was typically well-received, with many appreciating the smooth and clear sound output, though there were some comments about a boost in the upper midrange frequencies.
Opinions were divided as to the design of the Emit M20. Some felt they looked good and had great craftsmanship, even while being 'bland looking'. A point of contention was the suggestion that the grills should be used off.
Sound Quality
The Emit M20 generally impressed with its sound quality. Users described the sound as exceptional, detailed, and dynamic, with a realistic listening experience. However, some found them too bright and lacking in bass.
Value for Money
The majority of users have expressed high satisfaction with the value for money aspect of Dynaudio Emit M20, indicating it can compete with speakers twice the price. However, a few felt they didn't get enough from the price tag, which led to an adjustment in the final score.
Total Score
Rating Summary
In our evaluation, the Dynaudio Emit M20 delivered an overall solid performance, though with a few shortcomings. On the upside, users frequently praised their value for money, recognising the quality they deliver for their price point. Sound quality did not disappoint overall. The detail in the highs was frequently mentioned and generally enjoyed, with the M20 providing a clear, detailed sound. However, some users felt the need for a deeper bass response. The design garnered mixed feedback, some loved their looks, others found them bland. While the alleged shift in manufacturing location to China seemed to bother one user, this did not seem to be a general concern among the wider group.