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JBL Studio 580 Floorstanding Speakers Review


After exploring various speakers well under the $3000 range and recently purchasing the JBL Studio 580 floorstanding speakers, I felt it necessary to share my review regarding their performance. Over time, I’ve had the privilege of owning Klipsch and KEFQ950 models, among others, but I found these JBL speakers stand out.

Sound Quality

The first thing to note about these speakers is their crystal-clear sound. As a fan of EDM and frequenter of home theater systems, I can, without a doubt, say that these speakers serve both purposes exceptionally well. Intriguingly, their sound leans towards the treble-heavy side with a lighter bass, which is nearly sibilant yet never quite reaches it. In my opinion, this characteristic lends an exceptional audio performance for movies. I noticed, however, that the soprano range can be hit or miss when playing EDM tracks. It simply does not sit well with my preferred high range and can get unpleasant.

The bass on the JBL Studio 580 is moderated through the included baffles. These speakers don’t miss a beat when it comes to deep drums or guttural guitar sounds. Placed too close to a wall or corner and without baffles, they can wrap you in a cocoon of resonant bass. With proper room treatment and speaker placement, you can steer the bass performance to the right degree to achieve an accurate sound. The performance of these speakers is outstanding for the price at which I purchased them. If I had paid the total price, I might have questioned the lack of bass and low midrange punch. However, the tweeter is exactly what JBL promises, and it does not disappoint.

Value for Money

Considering my price for these speakers, they offer substantial value despite their physical shortcomings. I bought mine at a considerably discounted price, and at such a price point, they are hard to beat. The remarkable sound quality and their potential for longevity cement their place as a worthy investment. If I had to choose again, I’d still choose these over similarly priced speakers like Klipsch or Deftec, which I could audition before my purchase. However, if I were paying the total retail price, I might be more hesitant due to the build quality issues.

JBL Studio 580 Review

Cosmetic Issues and Workmanship

While I am delighted with the sound, I must point out some negatives, too. A significant downside to the JBL Studio 580 is the lack of attention to aesthetic detail. Although the speakers are sturdy and substantial in weight, the use of materials and overall finish fall short of a premium product. The plastic feet are not ideal and are screwed into the MDF enclosure. This has caused some issues with the foot beginning to detach upon arrival, and I had to reattach it with my threaded inserts. If JBL had used threaded inserts initially, it would have circumvented this issue.


Despite these minor shortcomings, the JBL Studio 580 speakers are excellent for avid music enthusiasts and movie lovers. They provide a comprehensive, transparent soundstage and produce a lifelike, detailed sound with a solid bass performance. The deceptive bass performance can be adjusted satisfactorily with tweaking, trial and error around speaker placement, and room treatment. The cosmetic issues are a bit of a letdown, but the sound quality makes up for it, considering the price range. All in all, these speakers deliver audio performance but could use some improvement in their physical design and aesthetics.

Pros and Cons


    • Excellent sound quality with crystal clear audio.
    • Affordable for the level of performance provided.
    • Bass and treble can be customized to an extent.


    • Lack of bass and midrange punch.
    • Inferior build quality, particularly with the feet.


In this JBL Studio 580 floorstanding speakers review, I delve into my experience with these unique speakers over time. While their sound quality and performance are outstanding, they falter slightly regarding physical design and aesthetics. However, given the price point, these speakers still offer excellent value for money to any music enthusiast or movie lover.

Bass Response
Mix reviews were found regarding the bass output, with a few saying it's light and it doesn't dig as deep as they expected, while others found it punchy, deep and articulate. Some users tackled it by adjusting their settings or through room treatments, but others expressed the desire for even more bass.
Treble Detail
The Studio 580 has a sparkling treble that cranks out loads of detail. Some listeners found the treble to be a bit forward and sharp, but others appreciated its clarity and liveliness.
Midrange Clarity
The Studio 580 received most of its compliments for its accurate and crisp midrange sound, though there were few instances when the high end didn't blend perfectly well at higher ranges.
The design of the JBL Studio 580 is viewed as one of its best features, with the architectural aesthetics widely admired. However, they were also critiqued for the design of their plastic feet and were viewed as somewhat lackluster in their overall finish.
Sound Quality
Overall, the Studio 580 delivers an impressive sound quality. The speaker delivers a transparent sound stage, making the instruments sound like they are in the room. The clarity, detail, and dynamics of the audio are consistently praised by users.
Value for Money
The JBL Studio 580 offers excellent sound quality, resulting in high-end performance that you would usually expect from much more expensive speakers, making them a great investment. While some customers weren't satisfied with the build quality at full price, most were blown away when they caught a deal on these, making them feel they got much more than what they paid for.
Total Score
Rating Summary
Right out the gate, it's clear that JBL Studio 580 is a pretty special speaker. It has a knack for turning heads and rattling windows with that sweet sound quality. The clarity and detail in midrange are refreshingly crisp, and those transparent trebles are the sparkles atop an already tasty sundae. Now, to talk about bass, well, it's a bit of a mixed bag. It's got some punch, sure, but some of us were hoping for a beefier, thicker feel. Room setup and adjustments, however, gave some of us more satisfaction in terms of bass. As for value, these speakers pretty much blew us away, living up to or even surpassing some spears thrice their cost, that's a big win. We've got to talk about the design: it's got a unique charm, but could use a bit more refinement. Those feet? Purely plastic, and there's room for improvement there. But hey, when we look at the full picture, it's hard not to recommend the Studio 580. So here's to rich sound on a budget.